Enrichment classes


Virtual Summer Enrichment Classes Starting Now for Grades 2 – 6 (except where noted)

We know that parents and caregivers are looking for ways to keep their children busy and learning. Our online virtual summer enrichment classes are a great way to help your child(ren) learn about cooking, health, nutrition, and exercise. Our plant-based focus is about health, the environment, and kindness to animals. 

Please note that you agree to supervise your child for safety reasons and that our classes are recorded for others to view and learn. 

While we offer these classes for free to make it easy to participate. It is helpful for the instructors and for us to know how many people to expect.

We realize that emergencies come up, but please only sign up if you plan on attending so that you don’t take a spot that could benefit another family.


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Hip Hop & Health

Tuesdays (June 16, 23, and 30), 3:00 to 4:00 EDT. 

Learn the fundamental moves, have fun and get inspired to eat right! 

Note: We understand that many people don’t have easy access to food, and/or don’t have access to the food they wish they had. Our goal here is to teach about healthy eating, but we understand that not everyone has a choice about what to eat, now more than ever. In these difficult times, the important message is that we should eat the food that we can access, and that when we do have a choice about what to eat, we can learn to make healthier choices.