FALL Classes


Cooking & Nutrition * Food & Race * PE Class: (Fitness Challenge, Hip Hop, Yoga, Fitness Fun) * Animal Sanctuary Tours * Food & the Environment

School is in session. Whether at home or in virtual school, these live interactive online classes are designed to be assigned by teachers for days at home or for homeschooling by parents/caregivers.


Our focus is on plant-based nutrition, exercise, and intersectional issues including race, the environment, and kindness to animals. 

Please note that parents/caregivers must agree to supervise their child(ren) in our cooking and exercise courses for safety reasons and that our classes are recorded for others to view and learn.  We are able to provide teachers with attendance lists upon request. 

We offer these classes for free to make it easy to participate, however, for planning purposes we need to know how many to expect. Please sign up only if you are committing your child/students to take the class and let us know if you change your mind.


All classes are 1 hour. Classes start the week of October 5th and run through December 11th.

There are no classes on school holidays, including the week of November 23 – 27.

Major King Photo

Weekly: Mondays 11 AM (ET)

PE Class: Fitness Challenge (Middle & HS)

Start the week out right with Major King of 5 Crew Dynasty to challenge yourself on fitness goals, have fun, and get inspired to eat right!



Weekly: Mondays 1 PM &/or Wednesdays 11 AM (ET)

PE Class: Hip Hop & Health (Elementary)

Join Major King of 5 Crew Dynasty and learn fundamental hip hop moves, have fun and get inspired to eat right!

Photo of Emani Parsons

Weekly: Mondays 5 PM (ET)

Southern Cooking with Emani (Elementary, MS, HS)

Join Emani Parsons and learn how to make healthy Southern meals. A parent or caregiver must participate with the child(ren) for safety reasons.



Milk made from plants

Weekly: Tuesdays 11 AM (ET)

Food & Race
(Middle School) 

This discussion group is for middle school students. With awareness of racial injustice at an all time high, this age appropriate series will foster knowledge of important issues. More details here.

Tashya Knight

Weekly: Tuesdays at 1 PM (ET)

PE Class: Animal Pose Yoga (Elementary)

Have fun doing animal pose yoga with Tashya Knight, and learn how to eat healthy!


Photo of Elisa Burgos holding a yellow pepper

Weekly: Tuesdays 5 PM (ET)

International Flavors with Elisa (Elementary, MS, HS)

Join Elisa Burgos as she teaches you to cook foods from around the world. A parent or caregiver must participate with the child(ren) for safety reasons.

Weekly: Wednesdays 1 PM (ET)

Food & Race 
(High School) 

This discussion group is for high school students. With awareness of racial injustice at an all time high, understanding these issues will help your teen be more aware of the intersectionality of food and race. More details here


Weekly: Thursdays 11 am (ET)

Humane Education

Did you know that New York State has a requirement to teach humane education? Learn about humane education and meet the animals at Catskill Animal Sanctuary. Find out why “farmed” animals are really so much like our dogs and cats! While the tour is geared to elementary students in third grade and up, all ages are welcome.

Weekly: Thursdays 1 PM (ET)

Food & the Environment
(Middle & High School)

Learn the biggest action you can take to address climate change, and learn how to make easy climate-friendly food. 


Photo of Avis Ambrose with her Dog

Weekly: Thursdays 5 PM (ET)

Hearty Cooking with Avis (Elementary, MS, HS)

Join Avis Ambrose, a professional private chef, as she prepares hearty main dishes for the cooler weather! A parent or caregiver must participate with the child(ren) for safety reasons.

The Whole Enchilada picture of enchiladas with kidney beans and shredded butternut squash on a lunch tray

Weekly: Fridays at 11 AM (ET)

Immune System Tuneup
(Middle & High School)

Learn how to make your immune system as strong and healthy as possible! We’ll learn about healthy plant-based eating and cooking, exercise, sleep, and stress reduction. This course is a private course for Health, Family & Consumer Sciences, and other classrooms. Only teachers can sign up their classes up for this.

Emani Parsons

Weekly: Saturdays at 9 AM (ET)

PE Class: Fitness Fun (Elementary)

Have fun doing a variety of activities and games, including Zumba, Simon Says, Kickboxing, yoga, and more! Also learn the easiest ways to eat healthy!