Warm Up to our Classes!

Our focus is on plant-based nutrition, exercise, and intersectional food justice issues

including race, worker rights, the environment, and kindness to animals.


Teachers and homeschooling groups, please contact us for custom classes. 

Reasonably priced, and school scholarships available


Virtual classes and special events available nationwide

Virtual & in person classes available in NYC & Ithaca, NY area

PE Classes with Nutrition

Hip Hop & Health and Animal Pose Yoga (Elementary)

Each exercise class includes a small section on healthy plant-based nutrition. 

Food Justice Classes

Food & Race or Food & Environment (MS & HS)

We offer one-time, a series of 4, or ongoing classes on these important topics. Engaging instructors provide inquiry-based and critical thinking skills to your students.

Darshana in her kitchen

Virtual Cooking Classes

Plant-Based & Climate Friendly (All ages)

Schools – engage your families with a virtual, healthy, tasty, easy, inexpensive cooking experience with foods from around the world, with or without meal kits. When children cook with their parents, they are more likely to eat what they cook and like it!

Animal Sanctuary Tours

Humane Education
(All Grade Levels)

Did you know that New York State has a requirement to teach humane education? Provide humane education for your students and meet the animals at Catskill Animal Sanctuary. Find out why “farmed” animals are really so much like our dogs and cats!