Create Change


In my school

We are here to help you create change in your school. You’ll need to learn about how school food works, and be strategic about the best approach.

As a volunteer/intern

Our volunteers and interns have made us who we are! Get involved, have fun, learn, and change lives. Reach out and get involved!


Our scratch made recipes are 100% plant-based, providing the fuel that students need to stay healthy, learn, and grow.

Students Section

Kids! You can create change in your school. We can help you get plant-based items on the menu and find ways to educate your school community.

Action Alerts

Write to your elected officials. Provide public testimony. Provide written comments for the US Dietary Guidelines or the Child Nutrition Re-authorization Act. Policy work is important as it has the potential to impact seven billion meals served in US schools per year! Click here for action alerts and make a difference.

Other Ways to Give

Recurring monthly donations. Amazon Smile. Ebay Giving Works. Facebook Fundraisers. Roundup App.  Some of these don’t cost you a penny, and others make it easy to give small amounts at a time. Our legal name is “New York Coalition for Healthy School Lunches”.

Contact Us

Let us know how we can help you create change by filling out the form. You can also help us create change by volunteering for us.

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