Success Stories


Success Stories

We have success stories to share, and we applaud the work of others and want to show that off here, too. We share these stories to show what is possible and inspire adding plant-based foods to the menu! We have many more success stories so check back for more. If you would like to submit a success story about adding plant-based foods, please contact us. 

Vegetarian Menus in NYC

In formal partnership with New York City Office of Food & Nutrition Services, in 2012 we worked together to develop and introduce a vegetarian menu available to schools upon the principal’s request. This resulted in the first public (non-charter) school in the nation to offer a vegetarian menu. Today four schools enjoy this healthier menu, which meets all requirements for calories, protein, and other nutrients, and costs less than the standard menu. For example, if all schools in New York City adopted the vegetarian menu, they could save $10 million per year. More details coming.

Hummus in Every School in NYC

All children should have the option of a plant-based entree daily. The Coalition for Healthy School Food requested that all NYC schools offer hummus every day, and as of 2018, hummus is on every NYC school menu.