Non-profit organizations are working to make the world a place where everyone can thrive. And yet, we cannot meet this goal as long as people experience unequal access and opportunity because of the color of their skin. This includes daily discrimination and the threat of or actual physical violence. 


No matter what our missions are, as long as systemic racism and the oppressive systems that it perpetuates exist, we cannot rest.


We support the human rights of all people who are marginalized. We recognize that many people and groups experience oppression because of economic class, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, or ability and that all of these forms of oppression are linked to the cultural and economic forces that helped build and sustain the vastly unequal society we live in. 


However, the discrimination and violence that is perpetrated against blacks and other people of color continues to fuel the economic inequality in our society and is also a central trauma. Racism must be healed for the vision of true equality and dignity for all to be achievable.  


Those who enjoy greater advantages have a responsibility, in consultation with communities of color, to show up as advocates for those who do not. 


We are calling on all non-profit organizations to share this message so that more people will listen, learn, and act. The time for showing up in solidarity is now.


#NonProfitsForBlackLives #BLM